Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

Innovative and modern design

Aluminium Bifold Doors

A product of truly innovative and modern design, the aluminium bifold door is quickly becoming a must for homeowners in Britain lucky enough to reside in a contemporary-style home.

Not only do they excel in providing glorious views of your home’s outside along with generous light entry, they also allow for easy transitions when travelling from the inside out, always letting you make the most of space. At DWL, we offer aluminium bifold doors in many configurations and systems, giving you the freedom to enjoy an entrance solution that best suits your needs.

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Your choice of the industry’s market-leading bifold door systems

We supply and install bi-folding doors from three leading aluminium door brands: Smart, Schüco and Origin. Smart Visofold doors are our most popular and cost-effective bi-fold door, but it doesn’t mean they’re any less powerful.

  • Origin

    Combining a beautifully stylish finish with some of the latest design technology around, Origin aluminium bifold doors can be powder-coated to a range of vibrant colours that merge seamlessly within their flush frames.

  • Schüco

    Our Schüco ASS70 FD bi-folding doors boast some of the sleekest sightlines and slim frames found in a bifold door, remaining strong enough to withstand larger panes of glass that also allows for wider outside views with increased thermal efficiency.

  • Smart

    Available in either square or rounded edge options the Visofold 1000 series of aluminium bifold doors from Smart boast impressive opening apertures that offer any home in which they are installed reduced sightlines and a multitude of opening options.

Our Aluminium Bifold Doors are

All three of the bifold door systems we offer are manufactured to the highest quality, each operating effortlessly with each panel sliding neatly behind each other in whichever bifold configuration you feel best suits your home. Low thresholds and clean lines make for a contemporary result that while lightweight makes for a seamless entrance from the inside to outside.


RAL colorsWhether you like the thought of a traditional finish that ties in perfectly with your period-style home or something a little more contemporary to help round out your modern property with your bifold doors, colour tones from DWL successfully allow you to make a true style statement with over 150 RAL powder-coated colours on offer.

We’re confident to have a colour or a shade perfectly suited to each individual person’s tastes, making it more likely that you’ll make a choice that easily match’s the existing surroundings of your home. It’s even possible to evoke a different mood internally than you do externally, with dual colouring allowing you to have different colours either side of the doors’ frame – The colour options are limitless.


Depending on the specific system you choose will determine the type of hardware and furniture is utilised to help better give your new aluminium doors a greater sense of security. All feature multi-point locking systems to help ward of the intrusion of any potential burglars that may attempt to break in.

Whereas Origin bifold doors make effective use of 20 mm linear bolts for effective lock engagement, the Smart aluminium bifold system we offer can be supplied with a domestic style ‘lift-up’ handle to ensure easy on/off protection whenever you need it. Likewise, Schüco ASS70 FD bi-folding doors consistently remain weathertight which improves safety as well as impressive thermal insulation.


All our bifold door sets can accommodate acoustically insulating and efficient double or triple glazing to help better maintain warmth as well as generous outside views. Opting for these additional glazing services from DWL means your home can operate at peak efficiency, allowing every member of the family to benefit from more comfortable living thanks to lower U-values and higher energy ratings.

What’s more, the simple act of adding a an extra second or third layer into your new bifold door’s aluminium frame can provide wildly sufficient soundproofing qualities, allowing you to relax more easily should you wish to relax in your conservatory.


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