Evolution Storm 2 windows, a classic look for a period property.

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“James was very helpful from the start, the showroom really helped us with the spec – a couple of minor niggles were sorted promptly.”

When it comes to refreshing your home, sometimes we overlook the little things that make a big difference. Updating smaller features, while retaining as much of the original character as possible, can transform the look of a house without the need for major renovations. 

We helped Mr Boland of Sevenoaks discover just that, when we installed Evolution Storm 2 windows in his property.

Time for a change

Mr Boland lives in an attractive house that has an original tile-hung frontage. But over the years, his windows were starting to show wear and tear.

The timber frames had started to rot, leaving a sour spot on the aesthetics of the building. They’d also started to let the cool air in, meaning his home wasn’t as energy efficient as it could be. He needed a replacement for the tired windows that would fit comfortably with the look of his house, without also requiring a change to its distinctive tiles. 

Mr Boland popped into our showroom at Millbrook and explained his current situation to our salesman, James. He knew that the plastic uPVC look would clash with his period property, so he needed an alternative solution.

James recommended our selection of timber effect windows and happily showed Mr Boland a selection of samples.

The right solution

Our timber effect windows come in two ranges: Residence 9 or Evolution (which come as Evolution Storm 2 or Evolution Flush).

Residence 9 windows are designed to fully replicate 19th century timber windows, with mechanically jointed sashes as well as outer frames.

Although this was close to what Mr Boland needed, we felt that the Evolution Storm 2 windows were a more appropriate solution for the building. Evolution Storm 2 are stormproof casement windows, which means the opening part of the window sits proud of the main frame.

Because Mr Boland wanted a more traditional look, we showed him samples that had a single horizontal astragal bar – rather than the more busy ‘crucifix’ look. Combined with a white woodgrain finish, the Evolution Storm 2 wood effect windows would pair comfortably with the colours of his home’s tiled frontage.

Before he left the showroom, Mr Boland confirmed he was happy with his choice and booked the order in with James.

Help at every stage

As this was the first time Mr Boland had changed his windows, he understandably had a number of queries about the process.

James was on hand whenever he got in touch and talked him through every detail of the installation. Mr Boland said: “James was brilliant throughout the entire process. He diligently replied to all of my questions.”

Once Mr Boland was completely comfortable with how his new windows would fit, one of our in-house surveyors, Eddie, assessed the site and took a full measure.

The finishing touches

After a manufacturing lead time of 6 weeks, the new windows were ready to replace Mr Boland’s rotten frames. Our installation manager, Dave, booked our expert team to carry out the work at a time that would suit Mr Boland’s schedule.

Tile hung properties are always difficult to manage – it’s easy to damage the tiles when removing old windows or putting up ladders. Under the expert guidance of our installation team leader, Mark, our installation team were briefed about how to manage such a sensitive project.

Over the space of a week, each new Evolution Storm 2 window was delicately fitted to make sure nothing was damaged.

Post installation, Mr Boland was extremely happy with the finish of his new windows. He said: “James was very helpful from the start, the showroom really helped us with the spec – a couple of minor niggles were sorted promptly.”

The windows achieved the required u-value for the project and also gave the home better heat and noise insulation. 


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