One of our Solidor front doors creating a truly stunning porch.

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Our timber look Evolution Storm 2 windows team up with one of our Painswick Solidor front doors to create a beautiful porch in this installation in East Sussex.

These customers came to us through searching online for an installer of the timber look Evolution Storm 2 windows. They used Evolution’s Find an Installer contact form, which allowed them to search for their nearest installer. We were recommended amongst others and James went out to the site in order to price up the installation.

Strangely enough, the couple had actually already had a company in to install Evolution Storm 2 windows. They had paid good money for the windows but unfortunately they had chosen the wrong company to install them. The windows had been installed atrociously and were actually so bad they were beyond putting right. It’s not often we are requested to rip out brand new windows but that is the risk homeowners run when choosing a glazing company. Fortunately, there are services such as Checkatrade and, which help homeowners confidently choose a more reputable company with a good track record.

Despite the problems they had with the previous installation, they were still convinced of the quality of Evolution Storm 2 timber look windows. They would later be bowled over by the quality of the three timber core Solidor front doors that we have mounted at our showroom. James measured everything up and got it all quoted and emailed over to the couple. He also made us of Solidor’s fantastic Design a Door feature on their website. This is a very customer friendly way to create and visualise a Solidor. Many of our customers find that it gives them total confidence and peace of mind in our Solidor front doors before they order them.

The quote specification was:

  • White woodgrain Evolution Storm 2 windows with 36mm astragal bar.
  • Painswick Flint 1 Solidor.
  • uPVC back door with a cat flap in the bottom panel.

After a few questions, the couple happily placed the order. Around a week later, our surveyor Eddie attended site and measured everything up for manufacture. Around 4 weeks after that, we attended site and installed everything over two days.

We and the couple are absolutely over the moon with the installation. In fact, they took the time to write a kind review, which can be found on our Checkatrade page. Check out the before and after photos below to see for yourself.

Before and After Photos


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