Timber effect windows – What are they?

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In recent years, timber effect windows have taken the market by storm. They offer a viable alternative to expensive and high-maintenance hardwood timber windows.

Timber effect windows. We offer the two market-leading types. Around 75% of the timber effect windows we install are Residence 9 windows and the other 25% being Evolution Storm 2 or Evolution Flush timber effect windows. Both products have their individual merits. You can head over to their gallery pages to explore them further.

Timber effect windows and doors have arisen from what was a huge gap in the market. Homeowners almost unanimously love the look of timber windows. However, they seem to also unanimously dislike the cost and maintenance of them. For many years, before timber effect windows, homeowners had no choice. They had to spend the money and put up with the maintenance issues.

The Residence 9 and Evolution timber alternative window ranges have some things in common.

They have both replicated the timber look by using specially designed woodgrain foils, which truly replicate timber colours and grains. They also allow homeowners one colour inside and a different colour outside. In addition to this, using the Kolorbonding paint system, we can supply our Evolution windows in any RAL colour and still guarantee the finish for 10 years.

Types of timber effect windows

Both systems come with mechanically joined outer frames (and sashes too with R9), which was an industry-first.

To top it all off, both timber effect windows come with a fantastic range of handles, peg stays (and butt hinges with Residence 9).

In summary, homeowners now have another very viable option. Timber effect windows allow us to achieve the beautiful aesthetic of timber windows without the price tag or maintenance. The initial and ongoing success of our Residence 9 and Evolution timber effect windows is testament to this.

All of this is not to say that we don’t like timber windows. Our timber window range is of the highest quality on the market and we have hundreds of successful timber installations to our name across Kent, Essex, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and London. However, when customers are at our showroom viewing our hardwood timber window range, they often end up going up with timber effect windows. They simply tend to see them as a better overall product offering.


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