The ultimate guide to slimline sliding doors

The ultimate guide to slimline sliding doors

There’s nothing more fulfilling than enhancing modernity and style of your living space. As many passionate self-builders will tell you, even the most contemporary homes can be updated to include luxurious features that can elevate the look and feel of your home.

Introducing Ultraline

Unrivalled in security and aesthetic, Ultraline doors are a self-build must-have. Ultraline is the most minimal glazing system in existence. The system has been designed with a clear vision to maximise natural light and give you ‘more of a view’.

Available in double and soon triple glazing too, Ultraline sliding doors come with a range of handy features to make your life easier. And with the innovative electric locking system, there’s no question that Ultraline represents the very best in premium engineering and design.


Take your aesthetic to new heights

Ultraline’s sleek panelling means you can achieve the effortless flow from home to garden – with no visual compromise. The Ultraline sliding doors advanced design delivers 20mm sightlines to give you a flawless, full view of the outdoors all year round.

The beauty of Ultraline is that you can enjoy increased possibilities and create exactly what you’ve imagined. Individual panel sizes can be up to 3.2 metres high and 9 m² – redefining the boundaries of what’s achievable in your home.


Unbeatable functionality

With Ultraline, you’re investing in high-end quality that lasts. Its ingeniously practical range of benefits help to elevate your home and make life a little easier too.

Ultraline’s premium technology allows you to ‘go green’ while cutting down on your energy bills. With its multi-chambered internal frames and airtight glazing, Ultraline helps to retain heat in winter and keep your home deliciously cool in the summer.

And maintaining your Ultraline system couldn’t be simpler. The integrated drainage is compatible with all systems, while the solid stainless runners and tracks guarantee smooth sliding throughout the life of the system.


Safe as houses

Where Ultraline really shines is its integrated security system, which is compliant to one of the world’s most stringent security test – PAS 24 2016.

The electric, high-security locking system can be operated from a wall switch, while external access can be controlled via remote control and fob system. You can also add Ultraline to any Smart home automation systems already installed in your home, meaning you can use your phone and tablet to operate Ultraline too.

And in the event of a power failure, the lock goes into fail secure mode and the bolt is released to secure the doors. To operate the doors manually, simply access the override panel in the top of the door frame. Thanks to its failsafe systems, it’s easy to see why Ultraline is a favourite of security-savvy homeowners.


Adding Ultraline sliding doors to your home

Whether you’re looking to update a traditional property or add an extra touch of luxury to a modern space, we can help. Talk to our expert team about including an innovative Ultraline installation in your next home project.


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