Why we're different.

Are we different?

In some people’s view, this industry has a pretty poor reputation. It is known for pressure sales, poor products, poor workmanship and cowboy attitudes.

We are proud to say that we actively subvert this in every respect and value quite the opposite.

To read about our key values straight from our customers, check out our Checkatrade and Reviews pages.

No pressure sales

Probably the phrase most immediately synonymous with ‘double glazing’ is ‘pressure sales’. Purposefully inflated prices that are “subject to a special discount we’re running today, but only if you sign up today Sir.”

Fortunately, with the internet and shows like Rogue Traders and Watchdog, things have improved somewhat, but this still goes on – we know through other appointments our customers had before us.

We actively do not provide quotations at the first meeting with our customers. Instead, we focus on getting the design and specification right for exactly what the customer requires. Obviously, all of our team members are experienced enough to give ball park costings when designing a property purely in order to guide design but a final quote is not given on the first visit. Instead, we email and/or post the quotation to our customers a day or two after the initial appointment. If the price looks sensible to our customers, this is often followed by a showroom appointment where full design and specification is confirmed.

We believe this is the only way to do things and our customers value the approach regularly comment on how it is a refreshing and pleasurable approach, certainly when compared with their experience with other companies, who didn’t value these things to the same extent.

Top products

Discolouration, broken rubber seals, broken down glazed units, bowing, warping, locks ceasing, draught and leaks. Just some of the problems people experience with poor products and a poor installation of those products.

In all of our windows, doors and roofs, whether uPVC, aluminium or timber alternative, we value and use the best systems, frames, glass, spacer bars, locks, handles and hinges. All of these things can be skimped on and do get skimped on to save money. We don’t. We are in this for the long run and rely heavily on valued recommendation.

Perhaps the most consistent feedback we receive from our customers is along the lines of, “the product is great, love the way it works and feels”. This is unsurprising to us as we use the best quality products.

To give an example, take spacer bars. Metallic spacer bars are cheaper than new warm edge composite ones. There is no doubt about it; all glazing companies should be installing warm edge composite spacer bars. They increase thermal efficiency and more tangibly, significantly tackle the internal condensation problem. This is something that many homeowners don’t know about and wouldn’t question if their new windows came with metallic ones.

As soon as warm edge composite spacer bars hit the market, we made the company-wide decision that we would no longer use metallic spacer bars. This means a marginal extra cost on all of our quotes, which may make us slightly more expensive than another quote. But we believe that metallic spacer bars should not be being used anymore, so our of principle, we don’t use them.

Great workmanship

We have worked with all of our fitters for many years and we value them highly. Our 5 teams are very experienced and we have specialist teams for certain products. We have all of our own sign-written vans and we don’t sub-contract out our installations.

Our fitting teams are incentivised to get the job done right the first time around. Then our customers are happy and don’t have to wait for us to come around a second time to finish the job. Our customers are regularly thrilled with our workmanship and really value our installers attitude and work ethic. We have often received bottles of wine, chocolates and even flowers as a token of thanks for the quality of the installation.

The right attitude

To take the cowboy approach to business, first of all, doesn’t get you very far. It also requires you to be a cowboy. Without blowing our own trumpet, we are a lovely bunch of people. We get on with people. Our valued customers are important to us. We rely on doing a good job for the good word to be spread. There’s no room for cowboy attitudes or values with us.


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