Bifold doors – the golden rule…

The most oft-asked question in our showroom is about our bifold doors. As we get asked the question so often, we thought we would put pen to paper and answer the question.

“How many panes can I have with my opening size?”

“What configuration of panes can I have with my opening size?”

“Can I have a traffic door on my bifold doors?”

These questions and others like it are ones that any homeowner looking at bifold doors quite rightly asks. At our showroom, where we have three sets of aluminium bifold doors installed, we are constantly asked these questions. We have a three pane set of Schuco ASS70 FD bifolds, a four pane set of Smart Visofold 1000 and a four pane set of Smart concealed hinge bifolds. We have them all in different configurations in order to show the options.

We have found that most customers are after the same three things from their aluminium bifold doors. They tend to want:

1) The maximum amount of glass and as little frame as possible;

2) To be able to have all of the panes sliding one way and;

3) Maintain the use of a traffic door. (A traffic door being a single door that can be easily opened without having to open all of the other folding panes).

Now, whether or not the customer is able to have this does depend somewhat on the size of their opening. Both of the bifold door systems we use can go up to 1200mm wide per pane. (Schuco ASS70 FD and Smart).

The golden rule of bifold doors is this: An odd number of panes allows you to have all panes sliding one way with a traffic door and an even number of panes doesn’t.

This means that customers mainly want an odd number of panes. This allows them to have a traffic door and have all panes going the same way. It is also therefore quite easy to work out how many panes you can have in your aperture by dividing the overall width of opening by 1200 (max mm width).

See the image below, which shows the options available more clearly.

Golden rule for bifold doors configuration

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