Create the perfect autumn hideaway with a glazed extension

Create the perfect autumn hideaway with a glazed extension 

Picture the scene. As you clink glasses you gaze out into a sea of crisp orange leaves under a canopy of pink clouds. You recline back into your cosy armchair, draw that thick, knitted blanket closer and think: “Ahh, yes my orangery isn’t just for summer.”

During those summer months when long evenings and sunny picnics don’t last nearly as long as you like, it’s easy to see why your glazed extension was an exceptional investment. To maximise its potential when the evenings get cooler? All you need is a little imagination (and a few sneaky hints from our experts).

Set the scene

When the seasons change from warm to cool, we often seek inspiration from countries that are more accustomed to dealing with cold snaps.

Take the explosion of the Scandinavian term Hygge, for example. Loosely translated as a feeling of warmth, cosiness or companionship, Hygge is all about slowing down, enjoying the present and hunkering down indoors. While Hygge is more of a ‘feeling’ than a food you eat or product you buy, it’s super-easy to incorporate this relaxed way of life into your autumn.

A few uber-stylish (and oh-so scandi) sheepskin rugs, soft blankets and cinnamon-scented candles can completely transform your glazed extension into a cosy nook. Just add comfy slippers, a gripping book, your favourite winter-warmer soup and you’re good to go.

Invest in quality

Throwing open the slimline sliding or bi-folding doors for a light and airy summer gathering is one of the true joys of a glazed extension. But what can you do to make use of the space when biting winds and snow means you definitely need those doors firmly shut?

A couple of draught excluders and a fan heater doesn’t exactly scream luxury haven, so if you’re planning on creating a cosy autumn space it’s best to invest in exceptional insulation.

To do this, we recommend upgrading to some luxurious and slimline UlDWL Slimline – 20 Sliding door This means you’ll be able to reduce heat loss and condensation, and save on those winter energy bills. What’s more, with slim sightlines, this architectural sliding door system will certainly make the neighbours jealous. Win.

Maximise the view

From watching the leaves change colours to those gorgeous, dusky sunsets, autumn is all about that naturally stunning skyline. To truly enjoy this annual experience, it’s time to banish that clunky design and ditch the irritating sightlines and go for something sleek.

DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding door is amongst the most minimal sliding door systems in existence, designed specifically to maximise natural light and give you ‘more of a view’. The ultra-minimal panelling means there’s absolutely no visual compromise, with 20mm sightlines that give you the best view of the outdoors. Moreover, with high security electric bolt locking, there is no visible handle, further enhancing the look of the doors.

Talk to the experts

The way we see it, you’ll have spent a lot of time picturing your autumn haven and deserve to have it match that picture as closely as possible. We’ll work withyou to achieve your dream and offer friendly advice at every stage. So if you’re looking to make the most out of your glazed extension this autumn, talk to us to make your vision a reality.


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