Architectural Slimline Sliding Doors

Architectural slimline sliding doors

Introducing some of the very sleekest and slimmest sightlines currently possible within an aluminium sliding door system, we’re proud to offer homeowners our elegant and modern range of architectural slimline sliding doors. Offering sightlines of only 20mm within an impressively visible system, the appearance of an extended home is successfully created.

An acute combination of electrically operated locking keeps any home in which the sliding panels are installed readily secure, also allowing for effortless remote operation from your smartphone. Using this technology, it’s assured that the panels always slide smoothly without the need for unsightly handles.

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An advanced aluminium sliding door design from Ultraline

Each architectural slimline sliding door comes manufactured in Britain, making use of unique frameless glass corners and floating corner posts to fully open up the corner of your home. This is in addition to the conventional installation option of letting a large glass surface area remove the barrier of a full wall of your home, possible in both 2 and 3 panel configurations.

  • Ultraline

    Aluminium doors from Ultraline represent a high-quality system that combines minimal profiles with top of the line engineering, resulting in the very best performance and aesthetics in whatever configuration.

Architectural Slimline sliding doors features:

Our range of architectural slimline sliding doors already excel in the aesthetic department without the need for much customisation. Regardless, at DWL we make it easy for you to create a patio door style unique to you through a suite of attractive colours that work in tandem with the Ultraline system’s various security and performance elements.


RAL coloursWe can supply our architectural slimline sliding doors in a choice of three attractive aluminium profile colour options that never fail to add a splash of modernity. Brushed Graphite, Brushed Platinum, and Polished Ebony all work well with the system’s very minimalist sightline design, with each being an anodised finish that is extremely resistant to wear and corrosion.


High security locking mechanisms allows the Ultraline aluminium system to stay readily secure, operated remotely via smartphone so homeowners can only let those familiar to them enter. Every unit offers unrivalled home protection without the need for visible door furniture or hardware.


All our architectural slimline sliding doors can be fitted with energy efficient 36mm double glazing and 8mm inner planitherm total low-e glass panels. This results in some of the best heat retention possible and a more comfortable standard of living with U-values as low as 0.96, well below the industry requirement.


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