DWL mythbusting: Cavity pocket doors

Pocket doors are an excellent addition to smaller homes and open plan spaces. They allow you open up zones of your home and provide a seamless transition from garden to living space. Unfortunately, many homeowners bypass them altogether believing them to be costly and complicated. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s why…

Cavity pocket doors – how do they work?

Rather than opening out or folding up (which reduces space) pocket doors glide smoothly into a cavity in an adjacent wall. Perfect for ditching a sometimes cumbersome hinged door in a tight spot – and adding a little extra wow factor to a property.

They look super when used to divide up rooms (hello secret library, living room bar or discreet home office) but are also ideal for bringing the outdoors indoors – which is what we specialise in. Cavity pocket doors are subtle and sleek in style and are incredibly practical, making them a perfect all-rounder which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Getting your builders on board

Due to misconceptions, builders or architects often don’t recommend cavity pocket doors believing the setup process to be time consuming and tricky to carry out.

Our experienced surveyors have found this simply isn’t the case and that cavity pocket doors are an ideal (and easy to create) solution. If having a sleek cavity pocket door is something you have envisioned, don’t let your dreams be dashed and come to us instead.

Support to bring your vision to reality

So what’s the most simple way to create your ideal cavity pocket effect? Easy. All you need to do is either slide the glass in between the internal and external cavity wall or build a timber stud wall internally which then creates the cavity for the sliding glass to go into. Our team will be more than happy to chat about the next steps.

And if your builders aren’t convinced, we have all the details and drawings on hand to help guide them through the process. Our surveyors are ultra-friendly and capable and are happy to work alongside anyone you already have in place. Talk about a dream team.

Choosing the right product for your home

All the technical talk and endless options can make the renovation process feel confusing. At DWL we want to bring some joy back into your home project journey which is why we offer super-personal and relaxed appointments at our luxury Kent showroom.

If you’d like to see how cavity pocket doors work up close and hear all the details from one of our lovely experts, simply get in touch today.

Discover our video below where James presents our DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding door with pocket door:


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