Floating corner sliding doors or bifolding doors: achieving a little bit of magic in your home .

There’s something quite mesmerising about unusual features on a building. When it’s something unexpected or out of the norm, you can’t help but imagine how that feature would look and feel within your own home.

Floating corner sliding doors are a perfect example of a wow feature – creating the ultimate illusion that makes you glance twice. They trick the brain into asking how one corner of a building is seemingly holding itself open with no structural support, creating an uninterrupted flow between the room and the outdoors.

What exactly are floating corners?
In short, floating corners are actually sliding or bi-folding doors that are added to the corner of a room using a series of clever architectural decisions.

Normally, when sliding or bi-folding doors are built into the corner of a structure, a steel post is added to support the upper floors. In the case of floating corners sliding doors for example, there is nothing visually holding the ceiling up over the open space. When the doors are folded back, it completely opens a corner of the building – perfect for alfresco dining in a kitchen or opening up the space of restrictive small rooms.

Adding floating corners to your home
Creating a floating corner requires a bit of extra thought about the space in question and the building itself. However, it doesn’t need to be tricky or complicated to install. 

Firstly, your architect, builder or structural engineer will pick one particular corner of the building – normally one where the room would benefit from extra light or it connects to a particularly nice part of the garden.

There are then two key decisions to make, whether:

1) A steel post is added to support the doors, but further inside the building.

This is a popular choice for more modern designs as it can actually become a design feature inside your home.

Hang trailing lights from the supporting pole or paint it a contrasting colour to create an industrial feel within a clean space. Alternatively, you can build it into a wall to camouflage it. 

2) The steel structure of the building is cantilevered away from that corner to keep the weight away from it.

This is perfect for period-style properties that really need any changes to be invisible. By slightly changing the way the building holds weight, you can make sure excessive weight does not come down on the steel structure, which would eventually force down onto the bi-fold door frame and prevent them from working correctly.

Choosing the right doors for your floating corner
When considering what solutions you’d prefer, you have a few options to consider. Firstly whether you’d like sliding or bi-folding doors.

Floating corner sliding doors works perfeclty if you want to create the illusion of endless space in a room – bringing the outside, indoors.

These doors can accommodate larger glazed panels than bi-fold doors, reducing the sightlines of the glass and creating wider exterior views. They also have overlapping panels that help to increase light intake when they’re slid back.

For the largest spaces, our sliding doors are also available with a lift and slide mechanism, which helps to carry the extra weight.

Bi-folding doors are ideal if your need unique configurations, giving you more freedom to make the most of your space. We offer three bifold door systems which operate effortlessly, with each panel sliding neatly behind each other in whichever configuration you’d prefer.

We offer designs from:

  • Origin
  • Schüco
  • Smart

Each bi-fold door is manufactured to the highest quality – with clean lines and low thresholds for the perfect contemporary finish. They also open inwards or outwards to suit your situation.

Secondly, you need to consider whether an aluminum solution could work for you.

Aluminium solutions are lightweight, durable and can create a seamless entrance from the inside to outside. If you have strict thermal value requirements, then aluminium sliding doors are for you.

They are some of the thinnest frames we offer, while providing excellent energy efficiency – with fewer areas accessible to draughts and cold spots. They feel sturdy and robust, and the metal and the marine-grade powder coating is guaranteed for 25 years.

All of our aluminium doors have multipoint locking systems to help deter any intruders – the specific system you choose will determine the type of hardware and furniture you need.

There’s also a huge variety of configurations and colour options to choose from – it’s just down to your personal preference.

Other solutions 

If you’re unsure about floating corner sliding doors, you could still improve the amount of light you can achieve in your home with uPVC solutions.

uPVC doors are a cheaper alternative and can give you a more traditional look with thick and sturdy door slabs

They feature the latest multi-point shootbolt locking mechanisms for a secure finish, with low anti-trip thresholds and a thermally efficient multi-chambered uPVC profile.

We also use the latest Saint-Gobain double glazed, argon-filled sealed units with the latest black warm edge spacer bars for the glazing of our uPVC doors.

There are lots of options to choose from with uPVC solutions – with a range of different colours, hardware and threshold details to make the overall design unique to your home.

Find out more 
If you’d like more information about floating corners or need a hand deciding on what doors to choose, our team can help find the right solution for you.

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