How to achieve a flush threshold

When you invest in high quality sliding doors, the last thing you want is for things to look disjointed, incomplete or uneven. That’s why it’s so important to think about your flush threshold during your renovations. Because after all, it’s the little details that bring all the elements of your home project into harmony.

What is a flush threshold?

When you add quality sliding doors to a property, the indoors should flow smoothly to the outdoors. Flush threshold is when this flow occurs with no step and no level change

It’s a popular feature for modern architectural designs as it looks aesthetically pleasing. It also has a range of practical benefits, from making sure guests don’t trip on a fiddly step.

Is it difficult to achieve?

Not when you come to our friendly experts.

As soon as you have fully formed (and opening) steel work in place we can help you make that ultra-desirable seamless transition.

You’ll also need to have made final decisions on floor finishes and thicknesses so we can work out a solution bespoke to the products you’ve chosen. When we know this, we can then determine the fabrication height of the sliding doors. This ensures you get an effortless flush threshold both inside and outside.

If having a low flush threshold is important to you, our surveyor needs to be on site as soon as these elements are in place. Once we’re happy with the specifications of your home project, we can then effectively “sink” the door frame down to sit  below the finished floor level. Then either a normal cill can be fitted or a drainage channel can be fitted in front of the door frame.

Confused about drainage? We can help with that too. We keep a diverse range of sectional drawings on file. These show details of different drainage solutions we can send over to you. This makes it super-easy for your builder to implement your chosen solution as part of your renovations. Handy.

Bespoke advice, whenever you need it

Whether you’ve got a quick question or a query that seems complicated, we’re always on hand to give you guidance. And if you’re confused about flush thresholds we can help. Drop us a DM on social media, book an appointment at our luxury Kent showroom or take a look at our video guide below.


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