How to choose between two pane or three pane sliding doors

How to choose between two pane or three pane sliding doors

Clunky ‘patio doors’ went out with net curtains and avocado bathroom sets. Gone are the days of a thick PVC frame and cumbersome step down into the garden. Now homeowners can expect slim, modern door frames, sleek flush thresholds and minimal sightlines worthy of an episode of Grand Designs.

But when choosing which luxury sliding doors would best suit your property, one question remains. Which is better, two pane or three pane sliding doors? Here’s how to make your decision.

Making your decision: starting points

Firstly, we recommend browsing a variety of brands and budget specifications as you may be surprised at what’s achievable.

It’s also a good idea to consider how the style of your property will work with the sliding doors, especially if your property isn’t a modern-looking new build. This is because you want to have synergy between your home and any new feature you add.

Bringing your vision to life

Before we dive into the topic, let us put your mind at rest. The number of sliding panes you choose is purely a personal design choice.

The number of panes have no bearing on the final design or technical aspects of the renovation process, aside from how the frame looks. Whether you opt for a two or three-pane slider is simply about what’s best suited to your lifestyle. It’s also worth remembering that both pane options have great qualities and benefits. All you need to consider is functionality and aesthetics.

Two pane vs three pane: what to consider

Let’s start with three pane sliding doors. These are great because they can open up 2/3rds of the opening where two pane sliding doors can only open half way. Allowing for more natural light, fresh air and flow between indoors and outdoors (perfect for that summer BBQ you’ve been planning).

However, three pane sliding doors are generally more expensive (unless the 2 pane option would create particularly large panes of glass, in which case, the 2 pane option becomes more expensive) and much better suited for hot countries like Spain. In the UK, temperamental weather can mean that three pane sliding doors rarely get used to their full potential because we simply don’t need to cool our homes as much!

Introducing three panes also means you may be adding more vertical frames (which interrupt your view) to your home unnecessarily. Whereas with two panes, you only need one vertical frame as part of the design.

Help to make your choice

Sometimes it’s best to see products in the flesh before you commit. That’s why as well as perusing our blog, gallery and social media, you can book a visit with us too. At our luxury Kent showroom, we house all the latest designs and brands for you to browse – and there’s always someone available to meet you there to guide you through the options. Book your appointment today.


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