Integrating Ultraline Sliding Doors into your smart home

Gadgets and gizmos for the home are fast becoming less science fiction and more every day reality. We can control the heating from our phones, enjoy a cuppa from a boiling water tap and ask Siri to turn on our favourite tunes on Friday night. But how can we best integrate new features into our tech-heavy homes? We reveal all in this handy guide.

What exactly is a smart home?

These days, your home can almost be as intelligent as you. Voice assisted technology is now fairly common (isn’t that right, Alexa?), while video and remote controlled security systems ensure we’ll never miss the doorbell again. So without realising it, you may already be the proud owner of a ‘smart home’.

Put simply, a smart home is defined by the Department of Trade and Industry as a house that contains a communication network that connects different appliances and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored and accessed’.

This might mean connecting devices in your home to the internet (the heating, kettle and even the washing machine) and controlling them using a laptop, smartphone or tablet – whether you’re at home or on-the-go. And with WiFi and broadband faster than ever, it’s never been easier to make the switch to the smart life.

How to make the most of sliding doors in your smart home

If everything else in your home is connected, your Ultraline Sliding Doors should be too. That way you’ll get to experience the ultimate in home security as well as luxury design.

We fit all our ultralineUltraline sliding doors with Niko Home Control wall switches as standard. If your home isn’t smart, they can be used as a standalone switch wired into the house mains. You can control them with a remote too. However if you’ve decided to ‘go smart’ the switch can be connected up to your existing home automation system. Simple.

Find out more about our super-smart switches

When you go smart, you never have to worry that you’ve left your sliding doors unlocked again. And when you choose Ultraline, you’ll be able to soak up those minimal sighlines too. Smart home sliding door systems really are a win-win.

We’d love to start you on your Ultraline journey – and help you out with bespoke advice every step of the way. To find out more about Ultraline and smart living, book an appointment at our showroom or ask us your questions on social media – we’re all ears.


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