Is triple glazing worth the extra weight?

Is triple glazing worth the extra weight? 

Anyone who’s completed a home project, self-build or complete renovation will at some point have answered ‘the big question’: double glazing or triple glazing? This is perhaps one of the most common queries our experts get asked. Luckily we’ve decided to devote an entire blog post to finally figuring out this age old conundrum…

Triple glazing: what’s the fuss?

At DWL we firmly believe transparency is the best way to build trust with our valued customers. And this means being totally honest about your choices with glazing.

Put simply, triple glazing has its benefits. It keeps out more noise and helps your home to be more green by keeping heat in and cold air out. It’s therefore no wonder its now standard in chilly Scandinavian countries.

However… there are many arguments around the technology of triple glazing, with many experts agreeing that it isn’t so far superior to double glazing. Especially when you factor in the very expensive cost.

Then there’s the weight issue…

The Grand Design effect means more of us than ever are being more ambitious with our renovations to create something truly unique. Triple glazing actually ends up restricting what can be achieved simply because it;s so bulky and heavy – making it difficult to manoeuvre and factor into designs.

When you consider that some of our double glazed panes can be 500kg each, this is already heavy enough. So when making the decision for your home project, consider how the extra weight of triple glazing could affect the outcome you desire.

What our customers say

Our team have done their research and feel that in the UK, double glazing is more than adequate to keep those pesky heating bills down and stop thattraffic noise ruining a relaxing afternoon. This is because with our systems double glazing offers an already great U Value of 1.2. Plus, it’s going to save you a lot of money that could be put to better use elsewhere in your home.

And our customers agree. At one time, we offered triple glazing on ourDWL Slimline – 20 Sliding door but due to the cost attached it was unsuitable to many of our customers. We therefore stopped offering it. After all, nothing matters more to us than providing our customers with products they can really see the value in – rather than a trend-led product that isn’t worth it.

Deciding what matters to you

Ultimately, when it comes to glazing, the decision is yours. If you feel like triple glazing is a good investment and the right product for you – go for it.

But if double glazing is working just fine for you (and you don’t want to be burdened with a huge cost or tricky installation) stick with it and avoid going for triple glazing just because it’s the buzzword of the moment. And if you’re struggling to make your choice, why not get in touch with our team for some friendly guidance.


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