Launch of new website

A review of Ether Creative.
DWL launch new website

We have recently launched this new website, we hope you like it! Please feel free to leave us any feedback of ways it could be improved.

As a predominantly commercial company, we didn’t really have much call for a website. All of our loyal commercial customers ordered windows, doors and conservatories from us based on previous business. They were not interested and had no need to look at a swanky website showcasing our products. They knew we were great to deal with and already knew and liked our products.

This is still the case, and we are privileged to still have this set of loyal commercial customers who wouldn’t go anywhere else for their windows, doors and conservatories. However, in 2013, we began growing quickly into the residential market (direct with homeowners) relying mainly on word of mouth and recommendation for more business and growth. It quickly became clear to us that a great website was necessary for two reasons. Firstly, for potential new customers, looking at a poor website was almost as damaging as not having a website at all. This was the case with the very mediocre website we had before. Secondly, a fantastic website is essential for generating new business and setting ourselves apart from the rest. Google search is the most commonly used tool for searching for companies, whether it’s for home improvements, cars, mortgages, electronic devices etc. etc.

We also needed re-branding. For the same reasons as above, we had not much interest or reason to invest time or money in our logo. For new potential customers, it’s key to transmitting our modern and efficient brand, not a dated one.

So, at first, we tried ourselves to revamp our logo and existing website as our estimator David is a talented web designer in his spare time. As we were so busy, we soon realised that David was too busy to dedicate enough time to it.

So, we looked at 4 or 5 local web design companies in Kent. In the end, we chose Alex and the guys at Ether Creative in Maidstone. It’s difficult choosing a company to do web design/re-branding as the product they are creating is intangible in a way and there’s no way for them to show you what they would do for you before you agree and place the order.

Alex and the guys there very early on showed me a mock-up of what the website and logo would look like using a fantastic app called invision. Although the logo wasn’t quite right, I was blown away by how close they had got to the mark on their first go. The website was slick and was exactly what I had pictured all along.

We tackled the logo first. We were probably quite a difficult and picky client and after much back and forth and tweaking, we finally arrived at our current logo, which we think is perfect for what we do. Alex, Charlotte and rest of team at Ether patiently worked with us to get this right.

We then moved onto the website, which Ether built from scratch and totally customised it to exactly how we wanted it. Moreover, they have made it so easy to manage in the back end, using a stripped down WordPress content management system perfect for quick and easy changes.

We think the end result is a beautiful, simple and clear website that truly separates us from the rest! Thanks to Alex, Charlotte, James and all the others at Ether Creative for helping us achieve this!


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