Tailored to your tastes and budget.

In our orangeries, we use the best uPVC, aluminium or timber alternative products on the market. We guide you through the whole process from initial design to final installation.

You can choose any of our uPVC, aluminium or timber alternative windows or doors. In the roof or lantern of your orangery we use either an Ultraframe or Atlas roof, which will be determined by your requirements. We also colour-match the brickwork in our orangeries to those in our customers’ property.

All of our orangeries:

  • Are designed with our customers from start to finish. From the initial appointment to the showroom appointment to firm up design, onto the site survey to take final measurements and design right through to the final installation.
  • Come as a complete package. We carry out all the building, electrical and plumbing work as well as installing the windows, doors and roof.
  • Are fitted with any windows and doors from our uPVC, aluminium or timber alternative range, with all the features and colours each of those come with.
  • Come with roofs that are fitted with the latest anti-sun, solar control or self-cleaning glass in the roof, available in clear, green or blue.
  • Are sold on the proviso that we remove any existing conservatories or structures and remove all rubbish after the installation.
  • Are available with traditional decorative crestings and ball or spike or finials or alternatively with modern low profile cresting and no finial.
  • Come with a no quibbles 10 year insurance-backed guarantee on the frames, glass and the building work.


Traditional Orangery

Our traditional orangeries distinguish themselves from modern orangeries with their full parapet wall above the windows and doors. Externally, the traditional orangery features a flat roof around the perimeter along with a structural grade aluminium roof, which is capped and clad with low maintenance and thermal uPVC or aluminium caps and claddings. This translates internally into a deep ceiling around all four sides into which cable runs and lighting can be hidden. Each Orangery project is totally tailor-made and engineered for the specific post code, calculating the wind and snow loads operating in that area.

Our traditional orangeries roof are perfect for homeowners that wants a more grand and sophisticated extension. The roof lets light stream in to the room, whilst the brick pillars give the room a more traditional extension feel. The interior height adds further grandeur to this spectacular living space.

Modern Orangery

Our modern orangeries are incredibly popular. Using the same windows, doors and roofs as we do on our traditional orangeries, the difference between the two is the parapet wall above the windows and doors. The full brick pier columns appeal to many customers who want the feeling of an extension as opposed to a glass conservatory. The windows, doors and roof allow the light to pour in and the brick columns often make our modern orangeries feel like the lightest and most pleasant rooms in the property.

We use the LivinRoom on the inside, giving the internally deep ceiling with downlights to further enhance the feel of an extension.

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We have invested a lot into developing our showroom so we have everything on show. It’s difficult to show all the options with fully built structures, so alongside the fully-built traditional orangery in there, we also have products and features on show that can be put onto an orangery to show all the customisable options.


When making such a substantial investment as this in your home, it’s key to see exactly what you’re going to get before you order. Even more importantly, so many of our customers come to the showroom and significant design changes after seeing the different designs and operating the different products in the flesh.

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