A captivating period extension on a cottage property near Ipswich

A captivating period extension on a cottage property near Ipswich

Windmills and farmhouses. Old department stores and banks. More and more neglected buildings are getting the Grand Designs treatment to stunning effect. In fact, it’s one of our favourite types of property to work on as the transformation is spectacular.

However, many people still believe sliding doors and other minimalistic features are only suitable for new builds. But the truth is, updating your home with a modern feature is a great way to increase the value of a property while adding a little wow factor. Which is exactly what we did for this charming cottage in Ipswich using moving corner glass.

Keeping a consistent aesthetic

It’s important to us that everyone’s voice is heard throughout the creative process. And we were thrilled to hear this customer felt we listened carefully and delivered exactly what they were after.

For this project, the architect wanted to add an extension to let in light and maximise the use of family space in all seasons. And while they were very conscious of keeping the brickwork and feel of the extension in keeping with the main property, they ultimately wanted a modern extension.

Products that tick all the boxes

After hearing the brief, we instantly knew this was something we could deliver. As it was a unique space, the right product could really bring this project to life and we couldn’t wait to get started.

We recommended DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors in Black Grey RAL7021 matt to complement the brickwork. This would be supplied in a 3 pane configuration meeting on a floating corner, with one pane moving into a cavity wall pocket. And to really open up the skyline we also suggested a fixed window with a lean-to flat skylight.

The customers loved our recommendations as they’d spent a considerable amount of time shopping around many suppliers. Out of all the systems they saw, DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors was the only one that could have a 3 pane sliding door meeting a single pane door on a floating corner into a pocket. Quite a rare capability amongst sliding door systems!

First meeting to finishing touches – with no hold ups!

As these customers discovered us online, we invited them to book an appointment at our luxury showroom in Kent so they could get a feel for the products. Once they saw DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors in action, they felt excited and confident enough in our project consultant to order every product we’d recommended.

Next, our surveyor Terry surveyed the site with the customer and builder to make sure floor levels were flush. This allowed us to make sure the customers had all their questions answered.

Terry also took the time to check that the frames would be hidden by brickwork and that their timber kerb for the skylight would have the 5 degree minimum pitch required. It’s this level of detail that makes for a smooth installation and gorgeous end result.

An enviable extension to create an idyllic family home

A high level of detail and thorough brief doesn’t have to mean months of back and forth. With this project, we were only on site for a couple of days to install the frames and skylight. Meaning, these customers were enjoying their new features before they knew it.

This particular extension fits onto the kitchen area, helping to make the transition from outdoors to indoors seamless. Needless to say, this creates a stunning setting for late night get togethers or lazy family afternoons. The customers can now enjoy more natural light, space and freedom in how they use their living space. Bliss.


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