Achieving seamless transition with DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors in Tunbridge Wells

When we picture a bungalow, it’s usually a quaint suburban building with nothing extraordinary about it. But this pint-sized property in Kent had undergone a seriously impressive renovation courtesy of its new owners.

To complete the transformation, the owners were looking for an extra special glazing system that would act as the cherry on the cake (so to speak). And knowing we source only the best premium brands from the world of design, they came straight to our friendly team.

Working together to choose a sleek design

Having already redefined what’s possible with a bungalow, these clients were looking for a glazing solution with equally exceptional credentials. That’s whereDWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors came in.

As these clients came to discover, there really is no product like DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors. Designed with a clear vision to maximise light and uninterrupted views, DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors represent the very best in premium engineering and design. The clients felt confident with our bespoke recommendation and agreed it was the perfect finishing touch.

Choosing DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors to complete the property

Living in a thriving suburban area, security was key. The clients were especially impressed with the minimalist, wall-switch operated locking mechanism which could be connected to SMART systems already in place in their home.

The locking system also meant there was no need for clunky handles to spoil the ‘frameless’ effect, offering a heightened aesthetic.

Keeping the home ‘on trend’ was also important for these clients as they were inspired by modern design. They were keen to create that evermore popular seamless transition from inside to outside. We were able to help them achieve this by advising them to sink the frame below the floor level.

With this technique the external drainage solution still works nicely and they have the internal tiling at the same level – while creating that luxurious ‘floor to ceiling’ look which is deal for letting in natural light.

Enjoying DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors all year round

The clients were thrilled that they’d finally found that extra-special feature to complete their new-look home. And we couldn’t be prouder to help them on this exciting journey.

A favourite highlight for the homeowners is the way brushed platinum blends into the daylight – almost like it isn’t there. This allows them to watch the seasons change with no cumbersome framing in sight. Bliss.


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