Acoustic glass puts the finishing touch on a luxury new build.

Light is a feature that’s valued above many others in modern housing. New developments are designed to maximise the amount of natural light each room gets – making even the smallest spaces feel bright and airy.

One downside to more glass in a home is the risk of increased noise from outside sources – particularly when developments are located near a street or a school.

Amberley Homes got in touch when the team were concerned about just this issue for their new development, Royal Springs luxury apartments. The planning department instructed them to make sure their new apartments considered the sound levels for residents from the nearby busy road.

Our team stepped in with an acoustic glass solution that allowed Amberley Homes to make windows and doors a true feature piece in each apartment.


A perfect match

As we’re experts in architectural glazing and bespoke high-end solutions, we’ve worked with the team at Amberley Homes ltd on a number of their high profile projects – take a look at the Coach House build for example. 

Their newest project was a unique set of nine luxury apartment based in the heart of Tunbridge Wells.

The Royal Springs development combines the perfect blend of style, quality and convenience. It features a collection of one and two bedroom apartments and a split-level penthouse. The location looks out onto the beautiful open space known as Tunbridge Wells common.

After approval by the council, Amberley Homes came straight to us to discuss the details they needed to give the ‘wow’ factor to each apartment.


Considering the details

Amberley Homes got in touch with the DWL team during the architect’s drawings stage of the project. Our director Derek and estimator David, worked together to ensure they found the correct solution for a project of this size.

A requirement from the planning department was that we minimised the sound from the nearby road. To meet this, we recommended Smart aluminium windows and doors throughout with the specialist addition of acoustic glass.

For modern builds, Smart windows and doors have slim frames, a sturdy feel and thermal efficiency – giving you a stylish solution that helps to minimise any heat escaping from the building.

We recommended acoustic glass to ensure the new residents would never find traffic noise to be an issue in their new home. Our acoustic glass has an interlayer between the sheets of glass that stop noise vibrations travelling from one pane to the other. This minimises any outside noise so it doesn’t become a distraction.

After a few minor tweaks to the brief, the team at Amberley Homes were extremely pleased with our proposal and the order was placed.


Fitting and installation

In large commercial builds, there’s only a small ‘opening’ of time allocated for installing windows and doors. The installation team needs to strictly manage the time of these ‘openings’ to ensure each window and door is fitted without holding up the rest of the build.

Our surveyor Terry worked closely with the Royal Springs site manager to make sure he was on site as soon as he was needed. This meant he could move quickly to measure the next set of openings and get them on order to meet the schedule.

Step by step, the job was installed to the projected timings and as the windows and doors were ready from the factory where they were produced in Kent.

As they used acoustic glass, the units were very heavy and required a delicate touch to get them in place. Our team are very experienced with this level of installation so were able to manage the project without any issues. Under the watchful eyes of Ray, our lead installer, we used eight members of our team and a “Glass Giraffe” glass-lifting machine to get some of the units to the higher level windows.

Overall the project finished on time and within scope, allowing Amberley Homes to move forward with the sale of each apartment without a delay.

John, director of Amberley Homes, said: “DWL are the first company we call for glazing. This project was no different – a complex one presenting challenges that we successfully worked through.”


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