Three Atlas lantern roofs installed in to new build development in Kent.

As registered Atlas lantern roof installers, we have been supplying and installing more and more of these great slimline lantern roofs for our customers across the South East.

When Atlas aluminium skylight lantern roofs arrived on the market, they really shook things up. A lot of the products on the market were looking a bit dated and “old fashioned conservatory style” as some of our customers put it. Many homeowners are after something a bit different to a “glass box” conservatory of the 1990’s and 2000’s. Brick built orangeries and flat roof extensions are on the up with more and more homeowners seeing the value in spending extra.

On these expensive flat roof extensions, it would be a shame to install an old-fashioned looking skylight roof, particularly if the extension is of a modern aesthetic. Thankfully, we and homeowners have in the Atlas a great looking product at a very sensible price and moreover, there are Atlas installation partners like ourselves across the UK ready to do a great job of installing the roofs.

Aesthetically, what our customers love about the roofs (we have two samples at our Kent showroom) is how much thinner the system is. The rafters are 70% slimmer than most competitors and most importantly, the Atlas system has no large and ugly ridge cover as pictured below.

DWL aluminium atlas lantern roof installers


Thermally, the roof system outperforms its competitors too.

DWL aluminium atlas lantern roof installers1


Last but not least, the Atlas lantern roof is stronger than competitors, which is important for things such as wind and snow load as well as general warping and bowing which can lead to leaks.

DWL aluminium atlas lantern roof installers Strength

Quite simply, this lantern roof system is thinner, stronger and more thermally efficient than all of its competitors. These three features are what most of our customers are looking for, both commercial and residential customers alike. The Atlas brochure can be downloaded here.

This installation was for a very good commercial customer of ours, Clarendon Homes. Clarendon build many high-end homes across the South East. As well as installing all of the Georgian uPVC windows in the 30 plot development, we also supplied and installed three Atlas lantern roofs on the three biggest plots in the development.


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