Aluminium curtain walling, entrance doors and windows at a Kent school.

A very good commercial customer of ours who carries out a lot of contracting work on schools invited us to tender this project at The Mascalls School, Paddock Wood. As we carry out a lot of work on schools, we are used to installing large expanses of aluminium curtain walling in short spaces of time – when the schools are empty and the kids are on their holidays!

Working in schools presents timescale challenges. There is in some cases, like February and Easter half-term, when there is only a very short period in which all of the work can be carried out. This sometimes means we allocate 2 or even 3 of our installation teams to be on site at once, increasing installation speed without compromising on the quality of the overall installation.

This job was no different. We had to install large screens of our SCW curtain walling with aluminium windows and Senior SD entrance door sets within the curtain walling in a short space of time. As can be seen in the photos, the curtain walling is on multiple floors, which presented it’s access difficulties. As is often the case, the main contractor provided access equipment, which was in this case a combination of scaffolding and pre made access towers along with a telescopic handler to manoeuvre the frames and glass onto the first and second floor sections. That way, all our installation teams had to do was bring the frames and glass as well as their glass suckers.

Surprising as it is, curtain walling can be installed very fast, especially when being done by experienced installation teams. Our teams were only on this site for around 10 days, getting everything installed just in time for all of the students to come back to school.

As anyone who goes to or teaches at the school, our products have, as always, stood the test of time. This is even more impressive for products that get such a battering.


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