Aluminium patio doors.

Aluminium patio doors installed in Kent.

This project saw us install our aluminium patio doors into a recently finished new build development in Hythe.

This project came out of the work we did at the Hythe Imperial, which you can read about here. This featured sliding sash windows, aluminium patio doors, aluminium windows and aluminium double doors. As well as the hotel, there were multiple new build plots behind the hotel, into which we installed aluminium windows and doors into too.

Most of these new build developments were purchased at planning stage, and these customers couple who had bought one of the properties had a small triangular extension coming off the back of the property in mind. They wanted to create some extra living space at the rear of the property to enjoy the garden more.

The husband is an architect so was very thorough and knew exactly what he wanted. We conducted an initial site meeting where we talked through the technical aspects of the doors and how they would be fixed into the lintels his builder was preparing. We also discussed what the builder would need to do to ensure that we achieved a roughly flush threshold with the internal floor level being as close as possible to the external one.

We would provide the colour matched corner post as well as the trims to cover the angles where the diagonal aluminium patio doors met the brick wall at an angle.

In terms of colours, the doors obviously needed to match the windows in the property. These were always specified as a specialist colour – not on the RAL chart, which is the industry standard. So, with a little bit of research, we were able to get the RAL equivalent of the window colour and create doors that matched perfectly.

We conducted a site survey to take final measurements to make sure the builder had done everything correctly, which he had. We then got everything made and six weeks later, were back installing everything.

A unique and innovative project! Have a look at some before and after photos below. You can click on them to enlarge them.


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