Aluminium sliding doors, windows and Atlas roof conservatory.

After being messed messed around by another company with poor product and an even more disastrous installation. We came in with our aluminium sliding doors, casement windows and a conservatory to match.

They had made the mistake of buying from a company too far away from their home. They purchased a whole house of windows over the internet and after a slapdash survey from a surveyor the company had sent down, of course when the fitters came to fit, the windows didn’t fit properly and the fitting quality was a shambles.

Understandably, they were nervous about committing to such a large order after being so badly stung. Our chap Mark met with them at the property to measure up for the windows, sliding doors and conservatory. Around a week later, he then emailed them through the full quote. The quoting process was quite involved, because the couple liked the Smart Sensations Cocoa Brown colour, which is a colour unique to Smart aluminium. However, as Smart do not do a roof system, we use the fantastic Atlas roof system. For a surcharge and with us providing the powder to Atlas, we were able to get the roof powder coated the same colour so everything matched throughout the property. It also involved quoting for custom made and powder coated aluminium trims to the tops (heads) and sides (jambs) of almost every window, as you can see from the photos.

The quote looked sensible and another meeting was organised at the showroom to go through products once more and dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Around 6 weeks later, our fitting team Dave and Stuart took 2 weeks to install all of the windows, doors and finally, the conservatory.

The end result is something the customers love and we’re really proud of. It’s another example of an aluminium windows, doors and conservatory installation that is a bit out of the ordinary. It required us to custom powder coating a roof as well as all the other custom trims that were required for the job.

All in all, cracking job!


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