Aluminium windows, bi-folding doors and single door in West Malling, Kent.

This latest project saw the DWL team tasked with installing a complete suite of aluminium windows, bi-folding doors and single door in West Malling, Kent. Despite being large in scope, we were more than up to the task when the customers had bought the property, they knew a lot of work was required. Previously a self-build, this quirky property now needed completely gutting and renovating – hence the need for so many products.

One of the first steps was to replace the leaky, draughty and rotting crittall windows that had been in the property for over 25 years.

At first, we just installed the aluminium bi-folds where an old conservatory had just been knocked down. When the customers had seen our work on the bi-folds, they were happy with it and were ready to proceed with the whole property, so they instructed us to complete the rest of the order for aluminium windows, a single door, and more bi-folding doors.

We used our Smart Visofold bi-folding doors along with top hung Smart Alitherm casement aluminium windows and a Smart Alitherm Plus back door, all of which had been seen at our showroom previously.

The particularly large glass sizes throughout this job was possible because we used top hung windows only, as top hung windows can go wider and higher than side hung ones. This was chosen because maximising glass sizes was one of this customers’ top priorities. Large glass surface areas aids in better light entry and wider outside views.

The rest of the building and exterior work the customers have done really cements this individual property as one of the most quirky projects we’ve ever been a part of. The end product is almost a modern Spanish villa with traditional hacienda-esque white render with sleek aluminium windows and doors that look great and will stand the test of time.


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