Black bi-folding doors for London home.

The latest home improvement enhances London property

The owners of this London home were looking to enhance their home with a new entrance – preferably one that would allow them easy access to their patio area, just in time for the Summer. Fortunately, the experts here at DWL were able to advise on black bi-folding doors – which will bring a host of benefits to the inside and outside of the property.

Black bi-folding doors with lasting benefits

It is no surprise that black aluminium bi-folding doors have taken the home improvement industry by storm. They offer clean lines, more glass and better views. And these factors are just aesthetic!

Equally impressive, these black bi-folding doors will enhance the thermal efficiency of the homeowner’s lounge and remove cold spots. The result will be a far more comfortable living space, especially when it is particularly cold outside.

Other than aesthetics and temperature control, the black bi-folding doors provide quick access to the patio area. This will make family BBQ’s even more enjoyable, with guests free to roam between inside and outside areas.

Equally impressive doors whether closed or open

Regardless of whether the doors are used as a glass wall when closed, or opened to let the outside in, they will benefit the London homeowners 365 days a year.

When closed, the large expanse of glass lets in an abundance of natural light and makes living spaces look and feel more spacious. When open, a gentle breeze can be enjoyed and the garden really made more a part of the home – black bi-folding doors are therefore an ideal choice for modern homeowners wanting to make the most of their inside and outside spaces.

The installers that you can trust

By offering such a high quality product and fitting service, the teams here at DWL are those that you can count on to transform your home.

As architectural glazing specialists, we can improve your home with a range of sleek windows and doors. Explore our site to delve deeper into our superb product range, which offers the perfect solutions for modern living.


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