A black composite door and uPVC double glazed windows installed into Kent home.

Our uPVC double glazed windows and a black composite door gave this property the makeover it needed. We used dummy sashes to create ‘equal sightlines’.

These customers are existing DWL customers and had used us on a previous property of theirs. When they decided it was time for new windows on their South East London home, we were the first person they called. They found us again through a Google search and found themselves on our website, which they were impressed with. Especially being able to explore our gallery page for inspiration and look at similar projects on our projects page.

The made the enquiry by phone and were soon put in touch with Mark, our sales representative. Mark attended site with a sample of one our energy-efficient uPVC double glazed windows in order to measure everything up and demonstrate the product to the homeowners.

The couple knew they wanted new uPVC double glazed windows and a black composite door but nevertheless wanted them to look a bit different to the rest on their road. They had noticed that many houses on their road had what is called ‘unequal sightlines’, where it is clear which sashes are opening sashes and which ones are fixed. They knew they didn’t want this so Mark explained that we could dummy sash the windows to give symmetrical ‘equal sightlines’. The image below explains the difference.

Equal sightlines double glazed windows

They also wanted to increase the amount of Georgian inserts in their windows to further enhance the Georgian effect of the double glazed windows.

In terms of functionality, the existing windows were quite dated and were causing condensation problems. This was predominantly caused by the spacer bars (the bars in between the two pieces of glass). Those in the old windows were metallic, which was transferring the cold onto the inside of the window causing warm air to condense on the surface. The new windows would have modern warm edge composite spacer bars in them, which stops this. An explanation of this can be found here on Swiss Spacer’s website.

Everything was quoted, ordered, surveyed and installed around 3 weeks after the order was placed. The customers were thrilled and their review of our work can be found here on our page.

Before and After Photos


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