Brown aluminium windows and doors installed into Kent head office.

For this installation, we supplied and installed all of the brown aluminium windows and doors into a commercial customers’ head office.

This commercial customer of ours is a very large and well known main contractor in the South East, that carries out all types of construction work, including demolition, civil groundworks all the way up to the complete design and build package. They construct new build homes, office blocks, warehouses, hotels, hospitals amongst other things.

This is the same customer for whom we installed grey aluminium windows and commercial door screens in Tilbury, Essex. This installation can be read about here.

This time around, they were building a large office building and it would be brown aluminium windows and doors, which would act as a company’s head office. Despite the traditional appearance of the building in terms of brickwork colour and roof design and material, it was actually a total new build development.

As this development was going to be an office space, we needed to make sure it not only complied with all the relevant energy-efficiency, fire egress and security requirements, but also that it complied fully with access requirements. This meant installing aluminium low thresholds to all of the door sets for easy disabled and wheelchair access. This doubles up as an anti-trip device too!

In terms of aesthetics, our job was to install the brown aluminium windows and doors fit for commercial use. They had to aesthetically match the colour of the brickwork as well as the black cedar timber cladding. We think the RAL colour they chose works perfectly for this. The obscure glass design was Satinovo to create the modern “whiteout” sandblasted look that so many of our customers go for these days. It slightly more expensive than the standard choice of obscure glass designs, as it is acid etched. The standard set of obscure glass designs can be found here.

The office building is still in regular use today and our brown aluminium windows and doors are certainly holding their own! Check out the photos below to see for yourself.


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