Aluminium curtain wall supplied and installed into this Surrey school.

If, like this school, you need to cover a large area with glass, aluminium curtain wall is often the answer.

Our SCW+ curtain wall system gets its strength from its ‘mullions’, these are the aluminium frame verticals that run from top to bottom uninterrupted.

Aluminium base plates are fixed into the concrete floor or steel at the bottom and the top of the opening. These base plates have single arms coming out of them. These arms are at different sizes depending on the overall size of the area the curtain walling is required to cover.

The mullion (vertical) frames are then slipped onto the base plate arms, almost like ‘sleeves’. This is essential to the rigidity and strength of the curtain walling and is what allows it to withstand strong wind loads.

Horizontal ‘transoms’ are then fitted, which run across the expanse splitting the frames horizontally. After that, we glaze the curtain wall with either double or triple glazed units of varying specification.

Generally, the face width of these mullions and transoms is 50mm across. That means that only 50mm of frame can be seen when looking at curtain walling face on. This, along with its strength, is why curtain wall is so appealing to homeowners and architects alike. It maximises glass sizes and minimises frame sizes.

We work with this customer on a regular basis, particularly on schools. The tenders arrive with us at drawings stage and we can price everything up from the drawings. This project was no different. After quoting three different revised sets of drawings, our final quote was accepted and everything was surveyed and ordered.

As with any school installation, there are strict access issues and work can only be carried out during non-term time. So we had to ensure all of our curtain wall was fabricated and installed within the stringent timeframe. This wasn’t a problem and everything was completed on time.

We often install curtain wall in commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, hotels and offices, as can be seen in the images attached. However, we are finding ourselves installing aluminium curtain wall more and more in residential properties. This is probably partly due to the ‘Grand Designs’ mentality that has emerged in recent years for the ultra modern look.


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