Our uPVC double glazed windows and a blue composite door were perfect for this property in rural Kent.

This homeowner had recently purchased this property in Sutton Valence, Kent and it needed a full revamp both internally and externally. Our job was to supply and install energy efficient and secure uPVC double glazed windows. This installation shows off both our casement windows as well as our uPVC vertical sliding windows too along with a blue composite door for good measure.

As a good friend of one of the directors of DWL, this customer didn’t have to look very far for where to source their new windows and door. Getting in touch immediately after they had bought the dilapidated property at auction, we were soon on hand measuring everything up for a quote.

We started ticking off all of the standard decisions homeowners have to make, such as opening designs, handle colours (Shiny chrome/matt chrome/white/black) and whether they were to be double or triple glazed. In this case, we also had to decide on was the layouts of our 18mm white georgian bars or “inserts” (as they go inside the double glazed sealed unit).

Once these questions were answered, the only question was the lounge window. The question was whether the homeowner wanted to either spend the extra and go for uPVC vertical sliding window or go for one of our standard uPVC double glazed windows that looks very much like a vertical sliding window. In the end, the customer wanted to invest the extra money in a genuine vertical sliding double glazed window. We’re pleased he did as it shows off two of our products next to each other in the same property.

It features our Swish uPVC casement double glazed windows as well as our uPVC vertical sliders and a blue Sliders composite door.

Ordering in the first week of December, we were on a tight timeline, but we fortunately managed to get everything installed before Christmas 2015. Check out the before and after photos below.

Before and After Photos


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