Ensuring thermal efficiency at a courtyard house in East Sussex.

Ensuring thermal efficiency at a courtyard house in East Sussex 

When it comes to creating your dream home, design should never triumph over functionality. In fact, the secret to good design is to create harmony between the two. This was the case when we worked with a property developer in East Sussex who had a keen eye for design and complete thermal efficiency.

A new build property with a modern aesthetic

With the client being an experienced property developer, we were able to dive straight into what he wanted to achieve. The client had come to us via Schuco, so we were of course delighted to point him in the direction of their premium quality range.

Working closely with the client, our project consultant James was able to narrow down the perfect product selection for creating an uber-modern finish.

For that much sought-after slimline look, James and Dan recommended three products from Schuco. The lift and slide sliding doors, the FW50+ curtain walling and the AWS70SC outward opening casement windows.

To complement this selection, they also recommended the Smart Eco-futural front door with a Hallmark Igman Panel. These products combined would ensure the ultimate in thermal efficiency.

To enhance the overall look of the property, James and Dan helped the client to go for grey, modern frames in RAL7016 which would offset nicely against the cedar cladding chosen by the client. Thrilled with the way our project consultants had captured his vision, the client was eager to begin installation.

Maximising the impact of the product selection

Before we headed to the installation site, our project consultants decided to make one last tweak. They suggested adding a glass to glass corner where the curtain wall met, to create an even more stunning finish.

Alongside this, they also pushed the opening windows to their maximum size limitation, this was for aesthetic purposes to reduce the amount of frames on show – in keeping with the client’s love of slimline design.

To ensure each detail would be perfect, we visited the site with the client and the architect. James checked the project complied with all the necessary requirements, made sure threshold details would work and doubled checked each element of the glass to glass corner. Once the client had complete peace of mind, work onsite could commence.

Ensuring a smooth installation

As there were so many elements to this project, efficiency was our utmost priority. To keep things safe, we installed each product over a period of three weeks. We used vacuum lifting equipment and telehandlers to lift everything into place. It really was all hands on deck as we had 6-8 men onsite purely due to the weight of the glass units!

Our main challenge during this installation was getting access to fit the heaviest units of 450kg. These had to be lifted over a swimming pool using a suction lifter to hold the glass. It was only with our years of expertise, exceptional standards and a high level of precision that we were able to sail through this tricky element of the installation. And it’s safe to say the client was seriously impressed.

Taking pride in the end result

There’s no better feeling that standing back and taking in a finished property – and that was especially true with this project.

Each element blended together seamlessly to create an amazing slimline finish which was exactly what the client wanted.



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