From Kent cow barn to modern new-build with a little help from DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors

If you had the option to build your dream home from scratch, would you take the plunge? That’s exactly what our clients from Tenterden did, converting a rustic cow barn to a minimalist masterpiece – with no planning permission required. Here’s how we helped them turn their quirky dream into a reality.

A unique project we couldn’t resist

These clients came to us after purchasing a barn in Tenterden, Kent. Surrounded by vast fields full of farm animals, the land was quintessentially English. Needless to say, the clients were keen to maximise their enjoyment of their unique property.

Unusually, the clients were converting the property via Permitted Development and didn’t need to go through the hassle of a full planning application. As a result of not having these challenges, the clients were free to do as they wished. This was much to our team’s delight, as this meant we are able to come up with the most creative solutions!

Modernising a rustic property with sliding doors

To maximise the clients view of the English countryside, we advised them on a bespoke list of products that would ensure they could enjoy their land from any angle. After narrowing down the selection, the client eventually chose:

  • DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors
  • Casement windows
  • Fixed pane picture windows
  • Bi-folding doors

Combining these products and unifying them in a brushed platinum hue would make for a striking architectural statement and the clients couldn’t wait to get started.

To enhance their enjoyment of the product selection, our project consultant also recommended selecting double glazed models with Solar Control glass. This would reduce glare and prevent rooms from overheating during the summer (and help the clients save on heating bills in the winter).

A finished look that will never lose its appeal

The clients say their product selection has allowed them to enjoy all the charm their new haven has to offer. They’ve been especially blown away with the way the colour palette complements the cement board cladding, giving their property a finish that defines their personal style.

They also highlighted the addition of the DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors as one of their favourite features – praising the sleek aesthetic, excellent security system and minimal sightlines, giving them the frameless glazing they were after. They also liked how DWL Slimline – 20 Sliding doors could be made to a huge size of seven meters so easily – creating that desirable ‘floor to ceiling’ effect.

Having spent time at the finished property ourselves we can confirm that the views are breathtaking – we couldn’t be happier with the end effect. And as for the homeowners, all that’s left for them to do now is sit back and enjoy their dream home…


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