Textured Anthracite Grey aluminium windows and sliding doors with custom aluminium trims and cheeks.

To completely transform your home, aluminium is the way to go. In the past, aluminium was seen as an inferior material. Due to advances in glazing technology, they are now seen as the best option. With their thermally broken and multi chambered profile, these windows provide excellent insulation for your home. This can greatly reduce your heating bills so what’s not to love?

This family in Surrey wanted to improve their home’s appearance as well as its warmth. As you can see, they previously had white uPVC windows and doors. Their new textured anthracite grey aluminium windows and sliding doors perfectly complements the style of their home. It also gives the house a more modern look while not taking away any of its character.

The durability of our aluminium windows is a major factor when homeowners are choosing to upgrade. Aluminium will last for years to come with very little maintenance required. The aluminium frame itself and the colour are guaranteed for 25 years; a worthwhile investment for any home.

High quality aluminium profiles were chosen as well as custom trims and cheeks to give the perfect finishing touches to this home. Our team completed the project professionally and swiftly with the same care and attention we give every job we take on.

The views that aluminium windows give are one of its main advantages. With slimmer sightlines and larger panes of glass; you are able to enjoy your surroundings much more. Your home will also benefit from more natural light. This style creates a modern feel suitable for any home.

Our aluminium sliding doors also benefit from these improved exterior views and are a great choice when you have a larger aperture to fill. They are extremely easy to use and offer the same great insulation benefits as our windows.

Our aluminium products can be coloured in any of the RAL shades letting you customise as much as you like. You can even have the inside frame a different colour to match your interior décor. This Surrey family chose dark grey which gives a stylish appearance that matched the darker shades of their bricked exterior. We can advise on colours if you’re not sure what would suit.

The family were extremely happy with the quality of their new windows and doors and have already started reaping the benefits. Draughts have been eradicated and their home feels more comfortable for the whole family.

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