Schuco aluminium windows and doors installed by DWL into this magnificent home in London.

This beautiful Schuco aluminium project is one of our favourites, and it’s not hard to see why. The photos are testament to the grandeur and unique design of the property, which make it so truly special.

A great commercial customer of ours builds many ‘one-off’ properties like this throughout the South East of England. They contract us to do all of their glazing work and this project was no different.

The glazing brief was quite simple. Maximum glass sizes with minimum frames. This was because the apertures that had been designed into the property were very large and to maximise glass sizes, a system that could go wider and higher than others was required. With our help and guidance, the architects assigned to the project quickly realised that Schuco aluminium windows and doors were the only option.

Using Schuco aluminium, the windows and the sliding doors in the property are three metres high, maximising light and creating a truly stunning end product.

The homeowners chose RAL 7016 ‘Anthracite Grey’, the colour that has become so popular in recent years. Most likely because it matches and fits in with other colours and materials so well. All of the windows, doors and roofs were powder coated to this matt colour.

Installing was no easy task. Access and glass lifting equipment were required, mainly to lift the heavy sealed units into the doors, particularly those on the first floor. At their heaviest, some of the glazed units in the sliding doors doors weigh just under 250kg each. Schuco is the only system that can handle this weight.

More uniquely, the architects specified what’s called ‘seamless’ or ‘frameless’ glazing, where glazed units are held together by silicone, without aluminium frames. This can be seen in the photos of the schuco aluminium below, where the glazed units are connected and held in a row by slim black silicone.

We will let the photos do the rest of the talking.


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