Our Smart Heritage replacement aluminium windows installed into this Kent home.

For these customers from Whitstable in Kent, we supplied and installed our Smart heritage replacement aluminium windows with horizontal transom bars. All in Anthracite grey externally and white internally.

Arriving to us through a recommendation from a friend, this customer was undertaking an extensive renovation of the property, which would involve replacing all of their windows. As is clear from the photos, the traditional timber front door was a lovely design and style and would just be repainted a light blue.

The old windows in the property were white uPVC windows, which were beginning to look dated, old fashioned and what is more, were draughty too.

The customer was interested in going for a much more modern look but without taking away from the traditional feel of the property and the rest of the properties on the street. So we suggested our Smart Heritage 47 replacement aluminium windows in the ever popular anthracite grey. This colour has become very popular, particularly on white rendered properties. To keep a hint of the traditional we suggested to the customer that they add horizontal ‘transom bars’ running across the windows. We met with the customer at our showroom in Maidstone to discuss the specification and product in more detail. After having dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, the customers were confident to get the ball rolling so they to placed their order and paid the deposit. Around a week later we surveyed the property to take all of the final measurements. After the customer signed off the surveys, we arrived to install everything around 6 weeks after that.

The customer was so pleased with the end result that they even requested that we deliver a DWL correx board to them for them to stand outside their house so people knew it was us who installed everything there!

Before and After photos


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