Heritage windows installed into this beautiful property in Kent.

Heritage windows. If there were ever a single advertisement for them, this case study is it!

The brief was fairly simple. Create a Georgian look with a window that wasn’t timber and wasn’t a sliding sash window.

These customers did not want any type of timber windows purely based on the maintenance aspect of them. Previously, the property had timber sliding sash windows in it. So we initially suggested our maintenance free uPVC sliding sash windows. We then found out that these were not wanted either as the customer did not like how they were operated.

So we then suggested our “flush” Residence 9 windows, which have taken the market by storm, which surprisingly enough, they didn’t really like the look of (yes, it does happen!).

We then showed the couple a sample of our uPVC white woodgrain heritage windows in our showroom. Straight away they knew it was the right window for the house. With the intricate and timber look astragal bars and the authentic antique black monkey tail handles, they were sure it would give them the look they wanted.

It was then a case of designing the windows and astragal bar layout for the property. As the existing sliding sash windows had no bars in them, there was nothing to replicate on designs. So, the customers relied on our guidance to space out the bars to go within the heritage windows in correct proportions.

We carried out the order in two stages for funding purposes, doing the side and rear of the property first, which amounted to a surprising number of windows. This first installation was a hit with the customer’s being particularly impressed with our installer Mark’s trim and liner work on the inside.

When replacing sliding sash windows with our thinner heritage windows, there is a lot of essential trimming work to do to properly finish off the look. It does mean the windows take a bit longer to install but Mark did a really great job of this on every window.

The second round was soon ordered up and around 4 weeks after we surveyed for the second round, Mark was back round to finish the job installing the front 4 bay windows and the central front window. 10 days later, you can see the results below.

The customers are obviously over the moon with it and so are we!

Before and After Photos


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