Kent property enjoys wonderful white woodgrain conservatory from DWL.

It’s a known fact amongst all DWL customers: We continually strive to supply homeowners with not only a high quality customer service, but simply the best home improvement products around. One lucky homeowner in Kent recently discovered this sentiment for themselves when experiencing our services first hand, with the installation of a beautiful white woodgrain conservatory that would be suitable for use 365 days a year.

After discussing ambitions with the Kent family, they made themselves adamantly clear that what they craved most, was more living space for which each of them could better relax in. In our experience this a common sentiment shared amongst most of the growing families whose home’s we help to enhance across the South East, the hardworking DWL team were happy to oblige.

From conception to installation, our installation team took extra care to ensure that all of the customer’s needs were catered to, tailoring the conservatory installation to a design and budget that made sense for them. Thankfully the Kent family’s property was already spoiled with a generous amount of outside space, leaving us plenty of room in which to install a spacious and flexible extension manufactured using the market-leading systems from Residence 9.

Once installed, the brand new woodgrain conservatory complimented the home perfectly, making great use of a stone-based foundation and white woodgrain colour pallet from a visual design perspective. The new set of French doors and high performance windows all boast exceedingly slim sightlines to better allow the living space to enjoy a large influx of natural light. This Kent family would never fail to feel closer to the outside when residing in the light and bright atmosphere our team was able to create.

The high quality uPVC used for the conservatory’s frame makes use of the same internal multi-chambered design as the windows and doors, meaning the space can always remain a comfortable temperature throughout the year, balancing low U-values and heat reflection perfectly whenever in use. The steeply pitched roof was colour matched and rests comfortably on the frame, producing in a final result that exudes a timeless elegance for the family.

Specifically engineered and designed to improve both the homes themselves as well as lifestyle, a Residence 9 woodgrain conservatory was the perfect choice to help this Kent family enjoy a better sense of both space and light for many decades to come. It’s easy to enjoy the DWL difference as this property did, simply contact our friendly team on 01795 418 538 or send us a message today!


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