Lantern roofs spruce up any extension or refurbishment – even on a castle!

This installation of our aluminium Atlas lantern roofs certainly goes into our “cool” collection. We often install our products into old properties, but not so many castles!

Aluminium lantern roofs have absolutely taken off in recent years. In particular our aluminium Atlas lantern roofs have really filled a huge gap in the market. At almost half the depth of other systems on the market, the super thin rafters give great glass sizes and maximum sky. In our experience, this is the main thing our customers are after when ordering their lantern roofs. Moreover, the fully aluminium structure of the skylights means that they are totally maintenance free as well as very sturdy and durable, which is essential attribute for an item that receives the British weather in all its force face on!

As is obvious from looking at these photos of the Castle, which is a very popular wedding and events venue, this customer had to be very careful about the products they chose to have installed. Anything bulky would not look right and keeping traditional was important. In this respect, whilst our Atlas lantern roofs are a modern roof system, they also replicate the thin metal roofs we would be replacing, which was a big positive for the customer.

Our chap Mark went through everything with the owner in great detail, designing the new lantern roofs to replicate the old ones as closely as possible. This included the designs of the upstands, which are basically small aluminium windows that run all the way around underneath the eaves beam of the lantern roof. We priced different colour options with white being slightly more cost effective than a custom RAL colour. In the end, the customer went for the standard white.

The order was placed, and everything was surveyed and roofs ordered. As the customer was also getting all of the flat roofs redone, it was important for us to co-ordinate our installation with the roofers. So we managed to liaise and get everything scheduled in so the roofers were on site at the same time as our installers. We would remove the old roofs, they would peel back the old felt, prepare the new timber upstands and lay down the new membrane. Then we would be able to fit the skylights down onto the freshly prepared and weatherproofed timber upstands.

It all went swimmingly well over 3 days and our installers Dave, Stuart and Kevin managed to get everything done and installed. The customer is thrilled with the new lantern roofs and so are we. See the photos below to see why!

The next stop is new heritage slimline aluminium windows….

Before and After Photos


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