Letting in the light at a beautiful property in London

Letting in the light at a beautiful property in London 

There’s no greater seal of approval from a client than when they want to work with us again – it’s also one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do. Our experts have worked with SS4  Architects on many projects over the years, this one in particular stands out because of the stunning final result. Here’s how we made their vision of a thriving property in London, a reality.

An open plan space in the heart of the city

The brief was to create a side return extension. This type of feature has exploded in popularity as it helps to extend open plan areas, giving the illusion of extra space. Because we’ve overseen so many of these types of extensions, we knew exactly what was needed to achieve the ideal finish, first time.

Our client particularly wanted to extend the open plan kitchen and dining area, sending in detailed drawings to help us make the right product selection. Knowing the client wanted something extra special, project consultant James, suggested using the Schuco aluminium 3 bi-folding door system, combined with the Smart aluminium Alitherm 300 windows.

Schüco windows are the perfect choice for creating a space that’s airy yet welcoming. James knew they’d match the client’s needs as the brand is known for breaking boundaries with thermal values and size limitations. Because they can be made wider and higher than anything else on the market they’d create the visual impact the customer desired and tick boxes for thermal efficiency too.

Maximising natural light for an unbeatable atmosphere

Nothing complements an open plan extension like natural light, so ensuring the space soaked up as many rays as possible was high on the agenda. We felt the best way to do this was through the use of a glass roof.

We suggested going with the Atlas aluminium lean-to glazed roof, knowing that the self-cleaning blue glass feature would mean maximum visual impact with minimal maintenance required. Ideal for a property in the heart of London.

While a glass roof is stunning to look at and glorious to enjoy the sun under, that doesn’t mean it has to feel stuffy rather than refreshing. For this reason, James also suggested adding electric openers for more efficient ventilation – it’s the little details that can make or break enjoyment of a space.

A slim, modern aesthetic as the ultimate talking point

With each building on the London skyline jostling for our eyes, we knew this building needed to command presence and awe for all those that visited. If the glass roof looked clunky or old fashioned, it could ruin the architect’s vision, luckily we had the perfect product to bring modernity to the property.

The Schuco aluminium 3 bi-folding door system is pick of the bunch when you’re looking to create a glass wall illusion – with no intrusive sightlines. We were quick to suggest this product as we knew it would add an element of truly innovative and modern design to the building.

Because they allow easy transitions from inside to out and ensure the occupants enjoy maximum views, we knew they’d make a talking point in a busy space. For the ultimate statement, we also recommended finishing the doors in All black RAL9005 Matt for an effortlessly-chic contemporary look.

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SS4 Architects fell in love with the end result of this property and we did too. Could we do the same for you?

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