Modern uPVC windows installed in Kent new builds.

Our house building commercial customers want a window that looks good, that will stand the test of time and that add value to the properties they build. Our modern uPVC windows fit the bill.

This longstanding customer of ours, A B Canham & Son, often asks for design advice on their developments. As they had a tighter budget on this project than on others, we suggested that our modern uPVC windows would be their best bet. We did quote an option for a woodgrain foil but it simply pushed the pricing of the properties to the end buyer too far. This is something all house building companies have to be conscious of.

However, we don’t think this means the quality of the window has to be compromised. Despite a reduced budget compared to other developments, the windows we proposed to use on this development were certainly of a high quality.

In terms of energy efficiency, our uPVC frame consist of five chambers, stopping the cold travelling through the window to the inside of the property. In addition to this and perhaps more importantly, we use the right glass. There are many different specifications of glass to choose from out there. The Saint Gobain Planitherm Total Plus glass we use as standard is a top performer. Alongside this, we use black warm edge composite spacer bars to separate the two pieces of glass as opposed to inferior metallic spacer bars, which cause condensation. An explanation of this phenomena can be found on Swiss Spacers site.

Back to the project, where the order was placed for the new modern uPVC windows on a plot by plot basis in the order they were being built.

The internal and external shots below demonstrate how well the modern uPVC windows work in the development.


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