Oak effect uPVC windows worked a treat on this new build in Tonbridge, Kent.

For this grand new build home in Kent, our oak effect uPVC windows were the maintenance free alternative to expensive windows and doors.

This long standing customer of ours, A B Canham & Son, builds luxury homes across the South East. After having ordered hundreds of windows and doors from us over the years, they were by now used to our oak effect and other colour woodgrain windows and doors. Whilst they had ordered many white uPVC windows and doors from us for their more basic developments, for their more luxurious developments, we tended to install woodgrain foiled uPVC windows and aluminium windows and doors for them instead.

They were keen on using uPVC woodgrain windows in the development because they had experienced maintenance issues on some other developments that they had sourced from elsewhere.

So, on this high-end development, our customers came to us wanting oak effect uPVC windows and doors, which would match the oak beams on the property as well as the garage doors. Specifically, this was our ‘Golden Oak’ foil colour available on our uPVC windows.

To match the windows and doors up more easily with the plasterwork and furniture on the inside, the main contractor went for white woodgrain inside. All of our foils are made by Renolit, the market leading suppliers of woodgrain foils in our industry.

Going for a fairly normal design throughout the windows with no top lights to maximise glass sizes as well as dummy sashes to create equal sightlines. In addition to this, they opted for a square lead design, which we did in a similar development nearby. You can read about this installation here.


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