R9 windows installed into this grand new build property.

R9 dazzled this commercial customer of ours, who needed something special for these grand new build properties.

Over the years, we have developed a good relationship with this successful Kent-based house building company. They develop new build plots across Kent, ranging from one-off single grand builds all the way to new build estates with 50 plots or more. We supply and install almost all of their and doors.

With the advent of R9 windows, it was inevitable that eventually we would be installing them into one of their developments.

In this case study and as with most others, the plans arrived with us in tender form and as usual, we worked closely with their team to come up with the right product spec for the property. As has become normal, we quoted them for their different options. This included white woodgrain uPVC, uPVC sliding sash, timber and finally R9 As is the norm now, we ran over some corner samples of R9 windows in different colours for them to show building regulations and also so that they could be fully confident in the product. We then had a meeting at our showroom, where we have all the different options on show. Evidently, Residence 9 was the final product of choice.

The spec was white woodgrain both sides, with mechanically joined outer frame and sash. Sometimes people choose to have the welded sash as it can save quite a lot over a whole job. The glazing was the standard double glazed, argon-filled unit with black Swiss Spacers, ensuring maximum thermal efficiency. They went for the classic black monkey tail handles and matching peg stays to complete the look.

In the meantime, they had been busy building the property and at the point we had finalised the product spec, they had all of the apertures pretty much ready for survey; great timing.

So our surveyor Terry measured all of the apertures and all of the R9 windows were ordered. Around 4 weeks later, our team was there for around 10 days installing all of the Below are pictures of the end result – a fantastic timber look without the cost or maintenance!


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