Refreshing a property in Chislehurst with stylish sliding doors – Alumil S650

When you’re making changes to a property, it’s tempting to go with all the latest trends. But what really makes a great renovation is design that stands the test of time.

Just think, years ago white PVC sliding doors were all the rage. Now they’re seen as clunky, unattractive and dated. Our team recently worked on a project in Chislehurst which involved removing the old PVC doors on a property and replacing them with a more stylish, slimline design.

It was amazing to see how this small change made a huge difference (see our before and after photo below) – a great lesson for anyone considering adding slimline sliding doors to their home. Here’s how we achieved this incredible contemporary transformation.

Choosing the right sliding doors

These particular customers wanted their sliding doors to completely refresh the look of their property. After visiting our Kent showroom, they decided on the Alumil S650 Sliding Door in  RAL7021 Grey/ Black because of the ‘no frame, all glass’ effect.

We also felt this product selection ticked all the boxes. The Alumil S650 system offers two different types of threshold which is great for existing openings like the one on this property. The customer chose the low threshold option. This means the track is completely flush but you can still see 30mm of frame at the bottom.

How all the details came together

The desired vision for this property was to allow more light into the interior of the property. The customer also wanted to create the highly sought after ‘inside-to-outside’ feel. This is an on-trend approach which uses design to create a seamless flow from inside the property to the garden. Ideal for garden parties, sunny afternoons and summer evening get-togethers.

With the Alumil S650 Sliding Door the customer was able to bring their vision to life and update the look of the property with just one simple change. They have now waved goodbye to outdated PVC forever and have a contemporary sliding door system with minimal sightlines. A feature that is sure to maximise their enjoyment of the back garden for years to come.

Why DWL was the perfect match

After working with us, our customers have commented on how reassured they felt throughout the process, both with the timescale of the project and the guidance that was given. They were also delighted with the price and quality of the Alumil S650 Sliding Door. The final seal of approval? The customer has booked us to work on their windows. We can’t wait to get started!


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