Our Residence 9 cottage style windows were ideal for this Kent home.

These customers came to us with all sorts of ideas, needing to narrow down on the options. They hadn’t heard of Residence 9 or what we would call our cottage style windows. Once they had seen samples and prices, Residence 9 was the product for them.

This couple actually heard about us as they saw one of our vans as we were installing another job down the road from them. Our beautifully wrapped vans can be seen on this gallery and below. We have to thank the guys over at Ether Creative, who designed the wraps with us.

We take pride in making sure our vans are all wrapped and also that our fleet stays young and low mileage. That way we try to ensure that we don’t break down and let our customers down. Fortunately, in this instance, the time and money we invested in the van wraps paid off and these customers just had to give us a call after seeing one of them.

They were handed over to one of our project managers, James, who handled their order from start to finish. After discussing different products available out there, James got to quoting various options including uPVC, aluminium and the timber effect cottage style windows we had told them about: Residence 9. After a site visit to measure everything up, we were able to get the quotes together and send them off to the customer. As our quotes are comprehensive, the customer then had all the information they needed to make an informed decision.

After a week or so and a few phone calls back and forth, the homeowners were ready to go and placed the order for the Residence 9 option. They loved the attention to detail on the Residence 9 product. The weather bar which runs horizontally across the transom and mechanically joined sashes in particular.

After the order form was signed and the deposit paid, our surveyor Eddie attended site to take final measurements. We installed around 4 weeks later over two days. As is unsurprising from the photos, the couple are thrilled with the end result. Our Residence 9 cottage style windows really do the trick!

Before and After Photos


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