As specialist Residence 9 installers, this project is one we’re really proud of.

Residence 9 installers status is not something that is easy to come by. However, we were in right from the beginning of the Residence 9 installers scheme. Click here for our Residence 9 installers status on the R9 website.

This installation in Hollingbourne, Kent features this product we love; Residence 9 windows.

The main house needed a facelift, the existing timber windows were rotting and needed replacing, as you can see from the one remaining timber window (top right of photo). So after showing the clients a few timber/timber alternative options, they quite quickly opted for R9, with its mechanically jointed sashes and outer frame. They chose white woodgrain both sides and black monkey tail handles and matching peg stays. These also added astragal bar grids as well as “mullion stiffeners” in the bay windows.

So, roughly 6 weeks later, our specialist Residence 9 installers Dave and Stuart installed all of the Residence 9 windows in two days. The two splay bays at the front left and front right of the property were the most time consuming, especially as the front right splay bay had a small flat roof above it. So the guys took their time and made sure the windows went in just right without compromising the structure of the bay/flat roof in any way.

The end result is certainly something we and the customers are really happy with. It has given the property an energy-efficient and long-lasting facelift. The customers particularly love the mullion stiffeners, which they think are a great touch. These are the small protruding bars that stick out of the mullions (vertical frames). The plan is to complete the rest of the windows in the house in 2016.

So pleased with our Residence 9 installers and this stress-free installation, this then led to this installation in the pool house a few months later.

Want more Residence 9? Why not check out the new Residence 9 installer video below.


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