Our Residence 9 replacement windows were perfect for this coastal home.

As you will be able to tell from our projects page, we love installing Residence 9 replacement windows. Why? Because along with Evolution windows and others, they have revolutionised the industry, filling a gap in the market for a maintenance free and cost effective window that looks and feels exactly like timber.

This particular couple came to us through the Residence 9 enquiry form on their website, where we are highly recommended to anyone in the South East. As we have two premium showrooms with over 5 Residence 9 window and door samples inside as well as proven track record of Residence 9 replacement windows installations, we do get a lot of enquiries from people coming through the Residence 9 windows website. You can check out our Residence 9 gallery here.

One of our team, James, went out to the couples house with a window sample in Whitstable, Kent. There, he discussed the product in more detail. The main aim was to match the window in the ground floor bay, which is a white timber flush casement bay window with butt hinges and peg stays, all in gold. The replacement windows to be used were therefore our Residence 9 white grain flush timber effect window. We would use black butt hinges (also available in white) and horizontal weather bars or ‘drips’ to complete the look on the outside.

With the butt hinges on Residence 9 replacement windows, you can choose between ‘functional’ and ‘dummy’ butt hinges. The clue is in the name. Functional butt hinges act as the hinges that the opening part of the window swivels on as in top right of image below. There is therefore no need for friction hinges as in fig 5.3 in image below.

R9 hinge options replacement windows


Dummy butt hinges on the other hand, are purely for aesthetic purposes. They are simply fixed onto the opening sash so when the window is closed, it looks like it has traditional authentic butt hinges but is actually still opened by friction hinges, as in fig 5.3 above.

To match the timber effect window downstairs exactly, we used functional butt hinges and peg stays on the side hung windows and dummy butt hinges on the top hung windows. We could not use functional butt hinges on the top hung windows as there would be no way to hold them open!

For noise and heat insulation, the homeowners wanted to go for triple glazing too. Triple glazing is, for obvious reasons, heavier than double glazing. We therefore checked with Residence 9 technical that the functional butt hinges could take the extra weight, which they could.

The installation took an entire day as there is a lot of trimming and boxing out work on installations like this. The end result is something DWL and the customer is very pleased with. In fact, their review reads: “Very happy with the product, results and service and will recommend.”


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