Residence nine installed into The Oast House, a beautiful new-build property in Kent.

Residence nine windows and doors were perfect for this property, which is, believe it or not, a new build!

A good commercial house building customer of ours came to us needing windows that would work in a conservation area. So we suggested Residence nine – our alternative to timber window that so many customers are now choosing.

The proposed dwelling is in a conservation area so everything had to be passed by planners and conservation officers. Residence nine works in this case as it complies with the main requirement of conservation areas. With its 100mm profile depth, flush sash, hardware, foiled rebate and mechanically joined sash and outer frame, Residence nine windows and doors very closely replicate 19th century timber windows. Head over here to find out more about Residence nine and conservation areas. This meant that we could install them into this proposed new build.

You will notice in the photos that all of the windows have trickle vents in them. This is because the property is a new build and according to building regulations, all new build properties must have trickle vents to all windows and doors. They help to stop damp and they allow air ventilation throughout the property without compromising security. Find out more about this here, where you can download a PDF about the rules and regulations and why they are in place.

It’s also great to see Residence 9 double doors installed too. The butt hinges really create.

So, this was going on with the planners whilst the property was being built. Our surveyor Terry had surveyed the property before the windows got approval and we were all waiting for the final approval before ordering them. The windows got the final green light just in time for the 4 week lead time to fit into our customers’ build timeline.

Our installers spent around a week at the property installing everything. New build properties are quicker to install as there are no existing windows and doors to remove. The end result is just as everyone had hoped. See the photos below.


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