White Schüco ASS50 lift and slide doors in Deal, Kent.

For a robust yet effortless door to use, then you can’t go far wrong with a Schuco ASS50 lift and slide door.

This simple yet elegant flat roof extension in Deal got to us at the drawings stage. The customers had bought the house as a second home by the seaside and wanted to extend it out slightly so they could entertain guests and have more office space. As it as, the property felt quite small and was a bit small to entertain. A new open plan space would make all of the difference. A key element of this extension was the doors, as they took up a good percentage of the extension wall space!

The couple came through as an enquiry directly from Schuco, and as recommended and experienced installers, we are asked to get in touch to provide a quote. We were happy to help and guide them on the merits of Schuco ASS50 and ASS70 HI doors in terms of ease of operation, thermal benefits and security values. Most importantly, Schuco ASS50 and ASS 70 HI doors can go wider and higher than others with better thermal values, which is always appealing. This case was no different in this respect.

Much of the communication was carried out by email and telephone. The couple didn’t really need a showroom visit. They had friends who had the products and knew about the benefits. As the rest of the windows in the property were white, the homeowners chose matt white frames with white handles.

Six weeks later, our chaps came down and installed the doors in one morning. It was a very efficient and easy installation all in all. What’s more, with the lift and slide mechanism available on the Schuco ASS50 doors, the doors really do glide with the push of a finger.

Schuco ASS50 lift and slide 2 copy 2 Schuco ASS50 lift and slide copy 2


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