Schüco ASS70HI lift and slide doors.

“Great process dealing with knowledgeable people from the start”

Light brings an unrivalled level of joy into the home, filling dark spaces with the warmth of the day. We helped a couple in Wimbledon add the finishing touch to their new extension with stylish  that maximised the natural light they could get into their new space.

Bringing the outdoors, indoors

Mr and Mrs Gibbes had made the decision to add a large extension on to their home. To create a space filled with light and give them an uninterrupted view across their open garden, they were looking for a set of slick sliding doors that had a thinner frame.

The couple first approached us after seeing a similar project we’d finished nearby. They were impressed by the detailing of the project and how the finished product added a new lease of life to the property.

The Gibbes had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve: sliding doors in 3 panes that would allow the indoor and outdoor flooring levels to sit flush. Their aim was to create a consistent flow from their garden space to the new extension – helping to bring the outdoors, indoors.


Finding the right solution with Schüco 

The first step was decide on the specifications. We advised Mr and Mrs Gibbes that sliding doors in 3 panes would simply be too large – the glass units weigh over 250 kg per unit. To manage the size of the project and their budget, we advised a 4 pane solution using Schüco ASS70HI lift and slide sliding doors.

ASS70HI is the grading system for Schüco. It stands for:

  • Aluminium material
  • Sliding System
  • 70ml profile
  • Highly Insulated

These sophisticated sliding doors offer the best thermal energy efficiency on the market. With 4 moveable panes, they would allow the couple to completely open up their space to the beauty of the outdoors – and close it off when the weather is being typically British.

After agreeing on a timescale to suit their schedule, our surveyor worked closely with the couple and their builder to decide on the perfect details – from the colouring of the frame in RAL7030 Matt to flooring details.

In particular, we decided on a creative solution to make sure the two flooring levels were even. By sinking our doors below the flooring level, we could hide the frame between the internal and external floors, creating the seamless flow that the Gibbes required.


The perfect partnership

After 6 weeks of production time, the Schüco sliding doors arrived on time – along with 6 of our installers. The final agreed size was 9m wide x 2.3m high, filling the extension with more light than the couple could have hoped for.

The doors also achieved the required u-value for the project as specified by the architect.

Our years of experience handling large units meant we could install the stunning sliding doors in one day – minimising any fuss for Mr and Mrs Gibbes. After cleaning up and making sure the glass and frames were up to our high standards, we left the couple to enjoy their new space with a cup of tea on the patio.

Mr and Mrs Gibbes said: “Working with DWL was really easy. It was a great process and we dealt with knowledgeable people from the start.”


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