Slim frame aluminium windows and entrance doors and uPVC windows into these offices in Paddock Wood.

“Slim frame aluminium windows and doors”. It’s what everybody seems to want these days and around 60% of what we install is aluminium. Lambert & Foster in Paddock Wood, Kent were no different.

Lambert & Foster approached us as they had used our commercial work services before on other projects. As another local company involved in construction, they had seen our work and knew our product range.

The building was looking a bit dated and needed an overhaul. Had budget been no boundary, we would have put slim aluminium frame windows throughout. As in most cases, it was. So to keep costs down and maximise kerb appeal, the decision was taken to invest in the front of the property with white aluminium and install white uPVC windows on the sides and rear of the property. The one exception was that we installed one of our commercial aluminium entrance doors to the rear of the property too.

Starting with the front of the building, it was important to Lambert and Foster to keep the character of the front of the property (see ‘before’ photos below). This included the rectangular leaded glass in the top 3 windows and ‘The Lambert and Foster Green’ entrance door.

This also meant we had to be very careful with the front two splay bay windows. As you can see from the ‘before’ photos below, the front bays were traditional and intricate. As an estate agent and surveyors, L & F displayed their properties in these front two windows, so it was important to maximise glass sizes on these bays so people could see in. So we produced CAD drawings for the customer to approve the exact glass sizes before placing the order, so they knew exactly what they were getting before they ordered. Using our slim frame aluminium frame windows, we were able to achieve impressive glass sizes compared to what was there before.

For the rest of the property, the brief was very much to match what was there with modern, energy-efficient and secure white uPVC windows. There were two exceptions to this. Firstly, was the aluminium rear door with a vision square panel and a codex lock for staff to get in by entering a code. Secondly was the composite fire door we installed on one of the rear elevations.

We had our guys Mark and Josh focusing on the uPVC windows and Dave and Stuart working on the aluminium. Overall the installation took around 8 working days and the end result is one we and the client are very happy with!

Before and After Photos


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